Sunday, 11 January 2015

Exquisite Corpse Panel 3

In our first regular art project, the collected creatives who use the Blackwing pencil, we bring you the third panel by the artist and photographer, Simon Newbury. Simon shows his work on different sites across the web, have a look at his past stuff at Pinterest, Facebook and his own website. See if you can find the past echoes of the previous panels.

Exquisite Corpse Panel 3

Simon says about his portrait, "I wanted to continue the narrative and was inexplicably drawn to the  hole in the wing of Bart's winged man. Unsure of the significance of the hole but with the theme of Blackwing, I had to include it, to look through it and wanted to see someone gazing back in sadness at this void and the wing's inevitable uselessness." He used both the Blackwing and the Blackwing 602. Who will be next? Did you find the echo from the first panel? Crocodile Tears.

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