Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hans Holbein - if you get a chance have a look at the BBC Documentary

In a brief foray into the theory of art, whilst our artists sharpen their pencil for the upcoming week, I got a chance to see a programme on Hans Holbein by the BBC. What is Hans Holbein famous for, an artist in the Tudor period of England, but what else? I bet you would even recognise a couple of his paintings. 

You will be able to better images of this on the Internet, 
but this one shows the partially hidden cross and approximately 
the correct position to see the skull.

There were two Hans Holbein. The Elder (c. 1460–1524), being a father, and the Younger (c. 1497-1543), being the son, both did paintings for the interior of churches. The Younger is the one that was the subject of the Waldemar Januszczak narrated BBC documentary and was born in Augsburg. He produced Reformation propaganda as well religious and satirical work in and around Basel. He then moved to England to create almost hyper-realistic paintings for the Tudor Court, even creating potential bridal material paintings for Henry the VIIIth. Below is one of his most famous paintings. 

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