Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Our thoughts are with...

Our thoughts are with the fallen, the family and the friends as well as those who read the satirical publication Charlie Hebdo. Gunmen entered the offices of Charlie Hebdo and shot twelve and injured seven. It is thought to be an Islamic attack due to witnesses saying that they heard gunmen shouting "We  have avenged the Prophet Muhammad" before escaping in a car. 

Pencils can be seen as a form of freedom fighting. It can draw, it can write, it can plan, it can provoke, it can create war, it can provide peace. It doesn't need batteries but it is interactive. It can be shared between two or more people. Take a pencil in your hand and use it wisely for peace and inspiration. 

I don't know enough Islam and religions the world over to say anything. But surely life, in whatever form, is sacred.

requiescat in pace to all that have lost someone 

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