Saturday, 17 January 2015

Satyrday - our contributions - part two

As Satyrday comes to an end, we look at our other creatives Satyr'ical characterisations:

Patryk Hardziej gave us the Satyr with drink in hand as he heads to town for the night. 
The Satyr, I mean, not Patryk or maybe both. Can we also welcome our new
creative, he is awaiting his pencils.

Kerry Bennett brings us a chicken possibly on the head of a satyr, 
quickly drawn before catching the train.

You'll get to recognise this satyr, he is slowly going off the rails 
on this Satyrday night.

Simon Newbury plays with manipulates to bring a mythical mosaic

With a Guinness and a lobster, his Satyrday night
gets worse...

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