Monday, 23 February 2015

Bookmarks of inspiration - Peter Elliott

In trying to close my Internet browser, I thought it might be an idea to record some of the blogs and other links that I use for inspiration. I hope you get some use from this or if not, sorry to have wasted your time but you must admit that there are some lovely pieces of work:

Glen Keane's Duet

Glen Keane, an animator of note who has worked with Disney and is responsible for the Beast in Beauty and the Beast as well as many other characters. He was asked by Google's ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) Group to create a hand-drawn cartoon so that screen interactivity could be added. 
Glen Keane's Hand Drawn Duet

Glen Keane's Coloured Duet

And here is an excerpt from the talk at Google

Here is the link to page 1 of 4 of quotes from Luis Brunel and one great quote is here:
“I have a soft spot for secret passageways, bookshelves that open into silence, staircases that go down into a void, and hidden safes.”
"Sex without religion is like cooking an egg without salt. Sin gives more chances to desire."
I loved the idea that he filled his pockets with rocks to defend his ideas at his film premiere, but you will need to read the page to find out why on earth he took rocks to a premiere.

Neil Gaiman took Bill Sienkiewicz's story pages in The Sandman: Endless Nights out of order. 

A friend has done all the behind the scenes work on this gamulfry of films on art, architecture and modern authors including Will Eisner, Moebius and Alan Moore

A collection of writings by the elusive coder Kai Krause, he was the architect behind some of the photoshop filters and meta tools, this collection includes how he gets other countries into the map of the African continent

I just love this drawing of a young lady. Well all of his drawings. I like the third drawing down, the one with the auburn haired girl. 

Films on Art, Architecture and Modern Authors

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