Thursday, 19 February 2015

Claudia Pomowski - examples of her work

Claudia Pomowski - Delicate Sketcher, Clever Compositor,
Resourceful Recycler 

The delicate lines form an intimate portrait.

Her web page brings you more of her work.
Google will translate this - try here.

A sombre sketch with the addition of a reversed eye, 
this is where Claudia comes into her own category of work.

The addition of a photographic pair of lips adds another 
dimension to this historical sketch.

Who needs paper, when you can re-use a book?
An avian sketch.

Have a look at Claudia's profile from this blog.

The composition of both photographic elements and drawn animals
adds further depth.

Once again, the photographic element behind 
the sketch of the boy plays with the 

Claudia's work can be found on the Handmade Art Facebook

Have a look at another collection of Claudia's
collages - they play with your mind.

Her Flickr album takes you further into 
Claudia's imagination.

She can be contacted here.

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