Friday, 6 February 2015

Our Chosen Instrument - #10 - Jakub Chwiezczenik

Jakub Chwiezczenik is one of the founding members of Treslettres and has not let on when he was born. But he was brought up on folk tales that aimed to scare as well as educate. This also relates to his other artistic choices. The Company of Wolves by Neil Jordan - was one of those films. Anthologies by Pawel Zach and Witold Vargas gave fantastical drawings illustrated great stories.

Jakub lists both classical and modern artists as inspiration to his abstract and figurative creative work. The former include the likes of Brunon Schulz, Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt. The latter inspirations include Paul Pope, DeCrecy, James Jean, Andrew Hem and Joao Ruas to name but a few. 

Have a look at more of Jakub's work on the Treslettres site and there is a more in depth interview with him at Dave McKean's films, music and moving images website Keanoshow. Welcome to the team Jakub.

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  1. Panel Zych is one of the anthology creators and his web address is - this will be edited in later. PE