Monday, 2 February 2015

Our Chosen Instrument - #8 - Claudia Pomowski

Claudia Pomowski is a graphic designer for book design and illustration who has embraced many disciplines to become a cutting edge in her own field of graphics. 

She is interested in the narrative elements of arts and in the interplay between texts and images. Apart from drawings and graphics, collages currently constitute her preferred means of artistic expression. This freelance artist and lecturer lives near Trier, Germany. Claudia teaches colour design and communication at Trier University of Applied Sciences. She combines "form and colour", "drawing generic perception", "typography" and "sound editing" and her students develop both the theory and practical skills to expand their areas of expertise. (Please note that I have translated from a German website with Google translator, so any mistakes are mine and Google).

Claudia Pomowski -

Her work can be found on various social media platforms including Art Stack, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter as well as her own website.

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