Thursday, 5 March 2015

Books, Bookshops and Creatives - edited and updated

Today (the 5th of March 2015), although you may be reading this on another day, 

So a quick question to our collection of creatives
and other creatives, 
"What book(s) has(have)
helped you as a creative?"

Simon Newbury's choice of two books

Daniel states that this is "more of a philosophical treatise (and not so much an inspiration for my artwork as such) but nonetheless an inspiration in other ventures; the absurd nature and the futility of human existence.

Bartosz Jekiel looks to the work of
Eldridgevicius, Giger, McKean, Muth, Pratt, Starowieyski, Williams
but it's more of the actual experience that helps.

Eduardo Alvarado shares Bartosz's thoughts on using books for creativity, the actual experience helps. But if pushed, Eduardo chooses
The Catalogue of the Complete Drawings of Gustav Klimt in three volumes by Alice Strobe

Egon Schiele-Dallo schizzo by Christian M. Nebehay

Peter Elliott chooses the Giles Annuals from the 40's to the 90's, 
each picture was a panorama of cartoon elegance with great caricatures
of people, politics and society

the go-to book in case you get artist's block.

A few friends are easing books into the wild, be they electronic
or stores where books sleep:

Igor Goldkind has created and given form to a collection of art, music and poetry 
entitled Is She Available? The ebook becomes available on March the 17th.

In the meantime, have a listen to My Heart Is...and...I Am The Darkness

Wendy Farrow uses her collection of images of the Parisian architecture 
to create Par Ici

Another friend is working on opening
if you can help him out, it would be great. 

More shall come as the answers come forward...
enjoy a book...
read a book...

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