Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Friday the 13th Tattoos - Monkey Paw Tattoo Parlour - updated

Friday the 13th may strike fear into some people, but tattoo artists love it. They revel in the fun that surrounds the mythos of Friday the 13th...

So Michelle Taylor of Monkey Paw Tattoo Parlour

is offering to tattoo people for £13 of the designs 
shown below. From 9:30 am onwards, just walk 
in and get your original design!

Look at the Facebook Page

All pieces size as shown only, no necks or chests. See you on Friday! X

Unit 3, Britannia Enterprise Centre
(Next to Morrisons) 
Waterworks Road
East Sussex

Tel: 07423 059706

Two people got their tattoos done today

I wonder who their dolls represent...Happy Friday the 13th!


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