Friday, 27 March 2015

Taking A Line Round Up - March 2015

It has been a good week 
for our creatives.

completed a sketch of a dog's head
for a friend and client

Simon Newbury

Tim Seelig has
recently collaborated with
Antony Vergettte-Lynn,
also known as
The Ink Captain,
to make a tee shirt to celebrate
the opening of a new studio
as wel as the craft itself.

Tim Seelig

T-shirts can be bought directly from
the studio, 

Ink Captain, for £12.
(Postage and packing is extra, so please enquire beforehand)
Kerry Bennett
has flown to New Zealand
but has had time to
capture a bird
in watercolour

Kerry Bennett

The New Zealand Fan Tail
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Patryk Hardziej
is holding an
"Illustrations" Patricia Podkościelny & Patryk Hardziej
15.04.2015 h. 19.00

Gallery in Hall of CKiS, Kalisz
Patricia and Patrick/Patryoja and Patryk

Renee Willoughby 
is curious about recreating her inward space
into an immersive performance and seeing how
that presence transfers through screens.

Renee Willoughby

It is an investigation into disembodiment
and public versus private spaces.
Her performance can be seen here.

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