Friday, 20 March 2015

Throw it on a wall - Our Creatives holding their own...

Throw it on a wall - Exhibitions, Publications & Performances
of our Creatives

Louie Otesanek
(Tumblr link)
will be exhibiting his oil paintings
in Berlin
from the 3rd of April 2015 at SomoS

Louie says this of his paintings, "There is a certain idea
really frozen in time, as if it was the minute just before or just after the apocalypse,
a suspended moment
when everything is peaceful.
The textures of Berlin's forests which meld within the bodies, and the rocks made of Iceland's flesh
colours get all intertwined everywhere
the forest with all the tall mountains merge.
It is a portrait of forgotten families.
It is a reflected thing in a decomposing landscape with our ephemeral passage.
It is the beginning of the interior; we don't know if the space is menacing us,
is it sheltering us or is it just a trick."

Louie has worked both in Berlin, with a residency in 2013, and in Iceland where he currently resides.

is still exhibiting her work at
"The Ridge Club" starting from 4th March 2015
Hastings Court, 
314 The Ridge, Hastings 
TN34 2RA
East Sussex

As the exhibit is held in a private building, 
you are escorted by a lovely lady. 

has recently published a book 
of a small selection of portraits 
and drawings of nudes
that he does everyday with the intent to tune 
his perception and his technique
and ultimately to understand. 

It is for sale here

will be performing today, at 12:30pm,
a little durational piece that leads 
to another performance on the 28th of March 2015. 
Both will be broadcast live on the Net

Both performances are investigating disembodiment
and public versus private spaces.
She is curious about recreating her inward mental space
into an immersive performance 
and seeing how that presence transfers through screens.

The above link works for today, Friday the 20th, 
and Saturday the 28 of March 2015. 

More exhibitions, publications and performances to be announced.

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