Thursday, 30 April 2015

H is for Here - Richard McGuire

How often do you come across
a graphic novel 
that has taken 15 years to create?


This year, 
McGuire released a hardcover book
of three hundred and twenty pages 
that pictorially described 
a plot of land
no bigger than your front room 
or living room over a 
long period of time.

Chris Ware, writing in the Guardian, describes Here as:
"...the corner of a room from a fixed viewpoint, 
projecting a parade of moments, holidays, people, animals, biology, geology
- everything, it seems, that defines life and lends human life meaning - on to windows of 
space labelled by year (1971, 1957, 1999, 100,097 BC)..."

It started off, as Mr. ware describes, as a six page story 
in RAW volume 2 number 1 in 1989. 
The chronology ranges from 500,957,406,073 BCE to 2033 CE
but not necessarily in the right order.
Also the spine of the book acts as the corner of the room, 
I urge you to get it. 
Not only is it a graphic novel of great intellect, 
it combines history, architecture, environment, 
examples of society and diet (to name only a few themes)
- it also gives you time to mull over a great exhibition. 
All of these pages could easily be hung in a gallery. 
Don't trust me, have a listen to 
a podcast here.

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