Saturday, 10 January 2015

Exquisite Corpse Panel 1

A few days ago, whilst the other creatives waited for their instruments of choice to be delivered, some  of the others wanted to start were some of the ground rules:

I have been asked to suggest a few rules or guides for our first foray into drawing with our pencils:

1) Use a pencil to be creative but not rude
2) The creative co-operative is to provide a platform on many social media channels to promote ourselves and our work
3) Four legs good, two legs bad
4) You will be asked to help with the 
4) Our first project within the blog is to create a narrative, one panel per person, based around keyword Blackwing using the concept of the surrealist Exquisite Corpse - see how long the photo stays up before FB deems it too surreal). 
5) Email a photograph of your work to
6) Um...any questions
7) I have been kindly asked to start, then Bartosz, then I guess he will pass it on to the next one.
8) I will add the pictures to the blog and don't leave anyone out.
9) I refer you to point 6.

This is my submitted piece, by Peter Elliott, and I will give my biography later:

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