Friday, 9 January 2015

Our Chosen Instrument - #4 - Giuseppe Lama

Giuseppe Lama was introduced to our collective by fellow creative, Bartosz Jekiel, and he likes to design within the world of digital collage. He uses a variety of tools and materials from digital photography to the construction of prop and puppets for his compositions. 

He studied Graphic Design and Photography at the Instituto Statale D'Arte "Umberto Boccioni" plus Stage and Set Design at the Academy of Fine Arts, both of them in Naples in Italy. His passion for illustration was reignited when he joined the Luna Online Artist's Community.

Giuseppe's recent works of art that he would like to highlight include two short films for the Art By Chance Ultrashort Film Festival for the 4th and 5th editions. Have a look at The Nameless Bride. The screenings information can be found here. As well as the design for the Limited Edition for J. S. Baird's film Filth (Irvine Welsh) (see above). He has designed the Limited Edition CD Cover for Korn's Love and Meth single and he has contributed to Achab, the Italian Quarterly Publication on Art, Culture and Literature. His portfolio can be found here, go on I dare you to have a look.

He draws inspiration from such artists as Aubrey Beardsley, Dave McKean, Vaughan Oliver, Joel Peter Within; film makers including the Patrick Bokanowski, Peter Greenaway, Quay Brothers, Jan Svankmajer (apologies for the lack of accent on the "S"); the painters Gustav Klimt and J. M. W. Turner and Literature's Franz Kafka.

He can be contacted through his web page found here as well as following his updates on Facebook.

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