Friday, 16 January 2015

Our Chosen Instrument - #7 - Daniel Newbury

Please welcome our latest recipient of the Blackwing and the Blackwing 602, Daniel Newbury, brother to Simon. "Art, in various guises, has always been a part of my life as both myself and my brother (Simon Newbury) come from a very creative family and were encouraged from a young age". After school, Daniel enrolled into Art College and then moved on to study Film at Southampton University and wrote a 250,000 word dissertation. 

Post graduation, Daniel worked for a while at Granada Television before ultimately concluding it wasn't the life for him; however whether it be in the form of music, art or the written word, creativity has always been an enduring and necessary part of his life. 

Daniel is currently running along his day job, which has seen him return to a more traditional style using whether graphite or pen & ink/watercolour. Daniel sells prints of his work through the website and through various online galleries and have had a steady stream of commissions since the beginning of it just over a year ago. Daniel's work can also be found on Facebook

He is also very much looking forward to being involved in the ongoing fun that 'Taking A Line' I'm sure has to offer!

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