Tuesday, 7 April 2015

E is for Eisner - Will not Michael

Died in January 2005, 
but so famous within the comic world
that he set up awards for the industry.

William Erwin Eisner
was born in March 1917
and by 1940 was drawing the
comic stories that he would
be remembered for all time.

The Spirit

In 1936, Will was high school friends
with Bob Kane, the creator of Batman,
and Kane suggested that Will draw
for Wow, What a Magazine.
This led to various comic stories.
It also led to Eisner
keeping copyright ownership of
"The Spirit".

When asked if his character was a superhero,
Eisner drew on a mask around the eyes.

He also had fun by combining
the title's name within the
architecture in the comic panel. 
Eisner was also one of the artists used by the US Military
to create comics to train the Army
on the intricacies of M16 weaponry.


Eisner later founded
the American Visuals Corporation
producing manuals for the government backed bodies.

Eisner continued to play or experiment with the art,
formed what later would be called graphic novels
such as The Contract with God.
Often pages of art with no dialogue
were able to show such depths of emotion.

Have a look at the links and no doubt,
I shall return to this posting to add more about
Will Eisner. 

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