Tuesday, 14 April 2015

F is for Frazetta - Part One

Frank Fraz(z)etta
dropped the second 'z" to avoid 
the clumsiness of the spelling. 
But his artwork was less than clumsy. 
Born on the 9th of February 1928, 
his early art attempts at the age of two
were encouraged by his grandmother. 

This led to Frank attending the 
at eight years old. 
He was "taught" by tutor Michael Falanga,
but it was more a question of encouraging 
and suggesting different approaches. 
By sixteen, Frank had worked on 
cleaning pencil work and inking,
before working at Standard Comics
with Graham Ingels in 1947. 

By the early 1950's,
Frazetta had worked for EC Comics


A chance glimpse of one of his pieces
for Mad Magazine with a spoof shampoo advert
lead to him being hired by United Artists for 
the movie posters for 
both images.


The introduction of movie poster illustration led to
the creation of covers for Fantasy and Science Fiction literature. 
More to follow...soon

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