Monday, 27 April 2015

Our Chosen Instrument - #14 - Luke Brabants

Luke Brabants is an artist 
based in the South East of England 
in the depths of East Sussex. 
His rural roots are often reflected
in his art work.

Luke includes Benji Davies as well as the work of graffiti artists including 
Smug1, Etam Cru, Dank, and his friends including
 Morgan Davy and Atom as his inspirations. 
He also finds inspiration from Norman Rockwell. 

His styles often change as do his inspirations
but he thinks that his work at the moment reflects his
mural and street art background. 
He has been painting professionally for 12 years
and although finances have constrained his career, 
he wouldn't change it for the world. 
He feels that he is getting a greater reputation 
as time goes by and with clients such as Hilton, RedBull and Samsung. 
One would agree with that. 

Luke is currently working on some personal projects including
the writing and illustrating of his first picture book, 

He also runs an outdoor art centre for people
to try their hand at spray painting
as well as other outdoor art. 
Have a look here.

He can be contacted through his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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